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The PI currently runs a biosafety-compatible laboratory of ~1250 sq ft. located in room 220 of Hines Hall. ​​

The following major equipment are available at the BIOME Lab :

3D Bioprinter (BIO X Cellink)

3D Printer ( Formlabs 3)

DHR 2 Discovery Hybrid Rheometer (TA Instruments)

Four CO2 incubators, one of which is dedicated for hypoxia experiments,

Two biosafety (BSL2) cabinets

Three refrigerators (one freezer (-80°C), two LN2 dewars for cell storage)


Polymer/Hydrogel fabrication stations (Laurell spin-coater, Mettler-toledo Analytical Balances)

Autoclave (SterilElite 24, Fisher Scientific)

IFluorescent Microscope (Olympus)

One high-speed centrifuge, and two low-speed centrifuges,

One thermocycler

RT-PCR machine (StepOne™ Real-Time PCR System, Applied Biosystems)

UV-vis spectrophotometer (BIOMATE 3S, Thermo Scientific)

Electrophoresis kit

Incubator shaker (MAXQ4450, Thermo Scientific)

Three rockers

Two pH meters (Fisher Scientific Education)

Osmometer (OSMETTE XL, AutoCal Osmometer, Precision Systems)

Two Milli-Q water purification systems (EMD Millipore)

Two ice makers (Scotsman)

Two vacuum ovens (281A, Fisher Scientific)

Two cell counters


The following Major Equipment are available at the JSNN:

Class 1000 cleanroom microfabrication facility

A Carl Zeiss Axio Observer Z1, Microscope-Spinning Disc Confocal

A Zeiss LSM-710 confocal microscope

A fluouresence microscope (Zeiss AX10)

A Nikon Epiphot-time optical inverted microscope


Mettler Toledo AB-S/FACT Classic Plus Series Analytical Balances

A Bruker AXS D8 Discover X-ray diffractormeter system

An HP 5890 inverse gas chromatograph

A Waters 410 gel permeation chromatography

An Agilent/Varian 240 MS Ion Trap Gas Chromatography Mass Spectrometer

An Agilent/Varian 320 MS Triple Quadrupole GC/LC Mass Spectrometer

An Agilent/Varian 500 MS Ion Trap Liquid Chromatography Mass Spectrometer

A DNR MiniLumi Bio Imaging System

A Beckman-Coulter Flow Cytometer

A Horiba SPRI-LAB+ Surface Plasma Resonance System

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