Our research at the BIOME Lab is focused on developing integrated Micro-Nanotechnologies, Biomaterials, and innovative Biofabrication methods to engineer infections/inflammations on-chip models, for conducting tissue-level Immunobiomimetic studies. Particularly, we are interested in understanding the dynamics of Neutrophil Extracellular Traps (NETs) formation and investigate the significance of NETs in disease models. The goal of our investigations is to identify how NETs based interference reveal potential biomolecular targets leading to the development of novel immunotherapeutic strategies that could be implemented in clinical trials and drug discovery in the coming years. Current areas of our research include:
TIME: Tumor-Immune Microenvironment
Studying the mechanobiology of NETs, and their multifarious functionalities in Tumor metastasis
Viral infections and NETs
Not just with the COVID-19, but we are interested in studying the effects of NETs in other viral infections, particularly BK Virus associated Nephropathy under drug-induced immunosuppression.
Organ-on-a-Chip Engineering
Microengineering - assisted biomimetic platforms modeling the functionalities of certain tissues or organs
Development of microscale fluidic systems mimicking the vasculature, and designing non-contact manipulation of particles within microchannels for biological applications
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Department of Chemical, Biological and Bio Engineering, North Carolina A&T State University,

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